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chromite in thin section

Chromite In Thin Section

lab 6: common minerals in igneous rocks,gabbroic rocks in thin-section and hand-sample students will be able to identify the most common oxide minerals gabbroic rocks in hand-sample students will be able to classify gabbroic rocks based on mineral content new minerals: orthopyroxene*, clinopyroxene*, olivine*, magnetite, ilmenite, chromite.flotation behavior of sudanese chromite ores,the examination of thin and polished sections revealed that the main minerals were chromite [(fe,mg)o.(al,fe,cr) 2 o 3 ], serpentine[(mg,fe) 3 si 2 o 5 (oh) 4 ] with excess magnesium[read,1956], talc[mg 3 si 4 o 10 (oh) 2 ], and chlorite[(mg,fe) 5 al(alsi 3.



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Igneous Minerals In Thin Section - Union College

Igneous minerals in thin section - Union College

chromite is dark-brown to opaque at full thin section thickness. chromite is a spinel-type mineral, like magnetite, and has an extensive solid solution in the magnetite composition direction. cr-mg-al-rich chromites are realtively transparent, and can be dark-brown at full thin section thickness.

Chromite - An Overview | ScienceDirect Topics

Chromite - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

in thin section chromite is opaque but may show the brown coloration on thin edges (fig. 15 b). in reflected light chromite is gray-white (darker than magnetite) with again a brownish tinge and there are brownish to red internal reflections (fig. 15 c). chromite often shows zonation in reflected light with a cr-rich core and a transition to more fe-rich compositions including magnetite in outer zones.

Chromite - An Overview | ScienceDirect Topics

Chromite - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

in thin section chromite is opaque but may show the brown coloration on thin edges (fig. 15 b). in reflected light chromite is gray-white (darker than magnetite) with again a brownish tinge and there are brownish to red internal reflections ( fig. 15 c).

Chromite - Handbook Of Mineralogy

Chromite - Handbook of Mineralogy

chromite crystaldata: cubic. point group: 4/m 321m. crystals octahedral, modified by the cube or dodecahedron, to about 1em; commonly finegranular, compact, massive. twinning: on {ill}as both twin and composition plane, the spinel law. physical properties: cleavage: parting may develop along {ill}. fracture: uneven. tenacity: brittle.

Thin Section In Reflected Light - Petrology And Mineralogy

Thin section in reflected light - petrology and mineralogy

chromite (dark gray) with ferrichromite (light gray) and magnetite (light gray creme). colours are darker than normally becouse of searching pgm in the chromite grains. using darker light than normal the pgm are better visible if they are. normal colour of chromite with zones of ferrichromite and magnetite.

Chromite Cumulate, Unst Shetland. Thin Section Microscope

Chromite cumulate, Unst Shetland. Thin Section Microscope

this is a thin section microscope slide of chromite in dunite serpentine from the unst shetland ophiolite, scotland. correctly magnesiochromite, this is a cumulate textured ultramafic rock with a matrix of pure olivine serpentine. the chromite i was expecting to be black/opaque but is actually very dark red/brown, isotropic, being a spinel.

Chromite Ppt | Igneous Rock | Petrology

chromite ppt | Igneous Rock | Petrology

in thin sections this serpentinite shows schistosity and is mainly made top of altered olivine and pyroxenes with enstatite grains and the boundaries shows plenty of alterations . chromite grains appear as dark grey to brownish coloured , they are rounded to subhedral in shape and at places they also show pinch and swell structures .

Large Skeletal Chromites In The Vourinos Ophiolite. Greece

Large skeletal chromites in the Vourinos ophiolite. Greece

the three thin sections of sample fgc g 128 illustrate the weakly deformed harzburgite vein in a strongly deformed dunite host (fig. 3). a foliation and lineation in the dunite is reasonably well defined by single grains and grain-aggregates of chromite, whereas the olivine does not display any preferred shape orientation. chromite, and

Chromite - Photo Gallery

Chromite - Photo Gallery

rounded euhedral grain of a mg-rich, al-bearing chromite with minor tiny limonite aggregates (some of them forming a narrow “halo” around the chromite), in quartz. sem-eds image (bse mode) of a polished section of a brown “opal”. this sample was described in:

An Image Analysis-Based Methodology For Chromite

An Image Analysis-Based Methodology for Chromite

in order to overcome these drawbacks, the current research work is carried out to introduce a novel, automatic and opto-geometric image analysis (ogia) technique for extracting the structural properties of chromite minerals using polished thin sections prepared from outcrops.

Mineralogical Studies On The Chromites In The Tari

Mineralogical studies on the chromites in the Tari

in thin section, chromites from the inner and the edge parts are mostly yellow to orange in color, while the outer part is usually black. the indices of refraction of the chromites are n=1.86-1.89 and color of the chromite in thin section is yellow through light red to red with increase of the index.

Petrology Of Chromite-Bearing Rocks From The Lowermost

Petrology of Chromite-Bearing Rocks from the Lowermost

very thin (several millimeters thick) layers in the core; these shifts show that changes in phase equilibria influ­ ence both the chemical and physical properties of crystal­ lizing phases. there is no large difference in mg/(mg+fe2+) (xmg) between segregated chromite in the 2-m-thick chromite

Optical Properties Of Minerals -

Optical Properties of Minerals -

this means light passes through them in the same way, with the same velocity, no matter what direction the light is travelling. there are few common isotropic minerals; the most likely ones to see in thin section are garnet and spinel. anisotropic minerals have different properties indifferent directions. so, light travels through them in different ways and with different velocities, depending on the direction of

Augite Thin Section - Single Chain Inosilicates

Augite thin section - Single chain Inosilicates

the lamellae may be inclined up to 22 and 17° from (100) and (001) respectively for mg-rich augite. smaller inclinations are found in fe-rich augite. color: colorless, pale green, pale brown, green, greenish-yellow, pale yellow green, grayish green, violet. zonal structure is sometimes present.

Ore / Mine Rocks Thin Section Geology 5 Slide Set - Geosec

Ore / Mine rocks Thin section geology 5 Slide set - Geosec

contents may vary depending on availability. please enquire. price includes shipping. no hand samples with these. the description is provided as a guide as to what to expect, but buyers should identify the rock type and minerals for themselves. ~ some features will require a polarising microscope to view. ~ slides are prepared with the greatest of care, ground to the correct thickness, and

Chromite - WikiMili, The Best Wikipedia Reader

Chromite - WikiMili, The Best Wikipedia Reader

chromite can also be presented in a thin section. the grains seen in thin sections are disseminated with crystals that are euhedral to subhedral. [11] chromite contains mg, ferrous iron [fe(ii)], al and trace amounts of ti. [4] chromite can change into different minerals

Chromite | Chromium Ore, Properties, Uses And Occurrence

Chromite | Chromium Ore, Properties, Uses and Occurrence

chromite is an oxide mineral that an iron chromium oxide with formula: fecr2o4. it is belonging to the spinel group. chromite is the most important ore of chromium. crystals are uncommon, but when found they are octahedral. chromite is usually massive or in the form of lenses and tabular bodies, or it may be disseminated as granules.

Ask A Geologist: Chromite Geophysics

Ask A Geologist: Chromite Geophysics

it shows up as a thin red rind in a microscope thin-section, surrounding each blob of chromite, and behaves differently in a number of ways from the chromite. the resistivity of the chromite itself is significantly higher (acts less like a metal) than for the beat-up and serpentinized harzburgite.

Formation Of Chromitite Seams And Associated Anorthosites

Formation of Chromitite Seams and Associated Anorthosites

analysis of individual plagioclase, pyroxene and chromite grains was carried out on the four polished thin sections shown in fig. 4 using the duke cameca camebax electron microprobe using a variety of synthetic and natural mineral standards. standard analytical conditions were 15 kev acceleration voltage, 15 and 20 na beam current for

Thin Section Scans | RockPTX

thin section scans | rockPTX

for scale, each image captures a central area of approximately 35 x 22 mm of the thin section; consequently, 1 pixel represents about 44 μm of the sample. all of the fkm series thin sections are uncovered and polished, so quite a number have spent time in the microprobe. for those lucky samples, i typically have analytical data on essentially the entire assemblage, and will try to incorporate more of

Messengers From The Deep: Fossil Wadsleyite-chromite

Messengers from the deep: Fossil wadsleyite-chromite

chemical compositions of host chromite and olivine inclusions in the thin section were analyzed with cameca sx-100 electron microprobe at geochemical analysis unit (gau) at

Reassessment Of Chromite Concentration In Serpentinite

Reassessment of Chromite Concentration in Serpentinite

of subsurface samples were collected from drill core channels. the samples were used for thin-section and geochemical analysis using a standard laboratory techniques. the result of ore microscopy shows zoning of the chromite with an inner cr rich core with low

Geology And Geochemistry Of The Chromiferous

Geology and Geochemistry of the Chromiferous

were examined. chromite ore samples collected were studied in hand specimens and microscopic. twenty (20) thin sections of chromite ore and its host rocks were made at the department of geology, university of lomé, togo. these thin sections were examined under a polarizing microscope in transmitted light at

New Data On The Mineralogy Of Chromite From The Nuggihalli

New Data on the Mineralogy of Chromite from the Nuggihalli

chromite grain color varied from dark brown to red in thin section. the chromite grains in some polished sections showed extensive cataclasis. the presence of silicate inclusion of <0.2–5 µm is common; in particular, the metamorphic overprinting in the form of rounded rims within the chromite grains were still

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